Harley-Davidson 90665-93 90664-93 saddlebag latch lid hinge hardware kit

You are buying a complete saddlebag hardware kit from Fairing Factory for your Harley-Davidson hard bags. Will fit all tour packs on touring models from 1989-2013 (road king, road glide, street glide, ultra classic). Same as Harley part number 90948-00. The saddlebag kit is brand new. Mounting hardware is NOT included. The saddlebag hinges are made from stainless steel 304, the main advantage of the Fairing Factory hinges is the spring is made from 304 stainless steel as well. The OEM spring from Harley is made from carbon steel and is know to rust and break. The stainless steel spring will not rust and will have a longer service life compared to the stock Harley spring.

You will receive the following items:

•Latch, Saddlebag RIGHT SIDE (Harley part number 90665-93)
•Latch, Saddlebag LEFT SIDE (Harley part number 90664-93)
•4 rubber grommets (Harley part number 11464)
•2 Rubber Seals/Gaskets (Harley part number 90675-93A
•4 Cushions, saddlebag support (Harley part number 90764-93)
•10 Pan head screws for Backing plates (Harley part number 3595)
•2 Cloth Tethers, saddlebag cover (Harley part number 53567-93)
•2 Backing plate, saddlebag (Harley part number 90700-93)
•4 Wear plate, saddlebag cover (Harley part number 90962-93)
•4 Brackets, saddlebag cover (Harley part number 90958-93)
•16 Screws for Brackets, saddlebag cover (Harley part number 3593)

ALL Mounting hardware needed is NOT included.

“YOU WILL RECEIVE ALL PARTS SHOWN IN PHOTO ONLY” The ONLY Hardware that is INCLUDED in this KIT are the Bracket, saddlebag cover screws and Backing Plate, saddlebag screws.

Additional Hardware (Screw pan head TORX, screw with lock patch and Nut, hex NOT INCLUDED.


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